Living authentically and true to myself

For a while now I have felt my life purpose is to live authentically and true to myself, but what does this actually mean and how do I know I am doing this?

We often say ‘words’ that sound profound and meaningful but do we really understand and know what we truly mean and then take action?

For me living authentically is to embrace fully who I really am at my core being or soul. I act in accordance with my own values and beliefs. I am present and living in each moment with conviction and confidence. I am grounded in the present and let go of the past. I am being true to myself, I have the voice to stand up for myself, honour and love who I am.

Being true to myself is not worrying about what other people think of me. Not trying to live by other people’s standards or rules or trying to please them. I make personal choices about how I want to live and do that naturally without compromising myself. I respect others but don’t allow them to control or live my life for me. I live my own life by being aware of myself, my weaknesses and shortcomings with truth so I can heal, learn, grow and evolve.

I know when I am being authentic and true to myself because I am happy and have overcome the obstacles and barriers that have presented themselves. I tune into my body and notice what it is telling me. I know that no matter what, I have the ability, the knowledge and finesse to get through. I ride the storms. By allowing myself to make mistakes – I am developing and learning. I am in sync with who I really am and am there for myself and stick up for myself when the going gets tough.

I am human and I sometimes forget who I am. We are constantly through the media being told how to look, how to behave, what to believe. Society, our friends, colleagues, family and even ourselves, put pressure on us to do things a certain way or act in a certain manner. The modern world is chaotic and one filled with heartache, pain and suffering. It is hard to keep grounded, centered and happy. To be authentic we have to break these images.

I have learnt to be happy I need to start by knowing myself and being true to who I am and that is something only I can determine.

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