An old legend from the South Island of New Zealand teaches us that in our own personal universe, we must walk the path that is best for us.

The Koreke (native quail) was very close friends with the Pakake (the seal) and each tried to convince the other to come and live where he preferred to be. The Pakake finally stated that he was going to live in the sea and turned to go. The Koreke pleaded with him to stay, but he said that if he stayed, he would be too easy to kill and would be killed for his meat. And so after a difficult farewell, the two separated forever. The Koreke to the land, and the Pakake to the sea.

While thinking of the deeper meaning I contemplated on how much we are influenced in our lives to do what is socially expected, what our family and friends anticipate, or even how much we try and influence what happens and control each step ourselves. How, when we step forward and do what is right for us, we sometimes lose what we think is important to us – our friends, our security, money and more. The unknown is scary. People don’t understand why you are doing what you are doing, but you know deep inside you that this is what you must do to feel complete. It is our own uniqueness that makes us feel satisfied and content.

To do this we need to get out and push our boundaries, push out our comfort zone each day. Listen to our body, let go so life can flow. In saying that we do need to design our own life plan, because if we don’t chances are we will fall into someone else’s plan – and guess what they have planned for us? Not much! The key word here is design – not control, not push but have a design that is flexible, can be adapted and changed if need be.

This past few weeks another challenge has been thrown at me. The path I thought I was heading ended up with a big heavy brick wall in front of it. It was no cause of my own just circumstances but it caused me distress and huge disappointment. I had to pick myself up and re-evaluate. Things happen for a reason and sometimes we will never know that reason but just need to trust that the path has closed for our highest good.

I had to lift myself out of the self-pity and reconnect with myself and design another path. I am very fortunate that I live close to a lake and Cougar park where I can connect with nature – hug a tree – and find myself. I need to have faith that everything will fall into place in the right time. I need to flow with the stream and not fight it.

I was also fortunate enough to hear Tony Christiansen the inspirational motivation speaker a few week ago. Tony has no legs, a result of a horrific train accident when he was 9 years old, yet has achieved remarkable feats in his life. Nothing has stopped him. Tony says – I am…. I can… I will…. and goes and does what he aspires to achieve. So me being me, reflected on this and thought wow – what is stopping me? Realisation was that it is myself – my fears, my discomfort, my non-belief in myself. Is that the same for you? My new affirmation is ….. I am, I can and I will.

One of my favourite quotes sums it all up …..

It is what it is..

It is what it was ..

It will be what it will be ..

Don’t stress it.

(JE Lawrence)

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